upstairs in a sentence

All (Davis) had to do was come upstairs for ten minutes.”

Any scouting report is going to say get traffic, put rebounds upstairs and get the dirty goals.”

I never knew that there was a gun in the house,”” said LaSalle, who lives upstairs from the family.”

The fire caused heavy smoke to pour from the upstairs windows.

“I met Sam”-Busby’s longtime partner, Samuel Byers-“while I was making the movie, and we moved upstairs.

“If anybody would have been upstairs (much longer) they probably wouldn’t have made it,” Pantoja said.

“Nowhere else to go” Colleen Pruit and David Natal moved into an upstairs studio in Jordin’s West Ninth house in July.

“The three women took the baby, rushed upstairs and tried to lock themselves in a bathroom.

A statement from her said: “For the last week he was sleeping on the sofa because he was too ill to go upstairs.

After the rally, activists moved upstairs to lobby lawmakers between the House and Senate chambers.

Aliens In the Attic – They Came from upstairs Video game.

An adjacent private space has six lanes, and there’s a small four-lane alley upstairs in a private area.

And if the weather’s bad they can head upstairs for a value meal.

And then they heard the sound of scurrying feet upstairs.

As Thomas’s supporters rushed upstairs, Cooper and her new executive locked themselves into an upstairs office.

Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Won’t My Food Deliveryman Come upstairs in Bed-Stuy?

At the wedding reception, Danielle is upstairs.

Benjamin Benschneider / The Seattle Times There are two bedrooms on either side of the upstairs sleeping room.

By the time the patients got inside, they would sometimes end up upstairs at the desk in tears.”

Caller: “I just walked in our office, and I think somebody has killed somebody upstairs in our office.”

Drake, the third son, who was an infant at the time of the murders, was asleep upstairs and was not injured.

During this era, the upstairs of many of the buildings were in use.

Edith immediately goes upstairs to tell them.

Elwin said the 63-year-old man armed himself with a gun and went upstairs to investigate.

Everybody started yelling at me, “Come upstairs, you’re on TV!

Fearing an intruder, the woman hid upstairs with her daughter and called 911, Gates said.

Finally, before heading upstairs, there is a cloakroom.

Fire investigators tell WBTV the blaze started in a rear upstairs unit because of a possible electrical malfunction.

Four children – 5-year-old twins and a 9- and 12-year-old – who were sleeping upstairs were killed.

Harry comes back upstairs and is also held hostage.

Hart says a woman she believed to be Mercer’s mother also lived upstairs and was “crying her eyes out” Thursday.

He dragged me upstairs to the mirror to see.”

He was able to alert a woman who also lived at the house, who was asleep in a bedroom upstairs in the property.

Hip music thumps in the background, with the occasional added percussion of renovation work going on upstairs.

I keep my firearms locked in a high-quality safe or in a lock box upstairs in my bedroom.

I will die upstairs in my bedroom with my husband, mother, stepfather and best friend by my side and pass peacefully.

If I’m having a bad day, I don’t have to run upstairs and grab a Diet Coke.

In some respects, it’s entirely different from the “upstairs, Downstairs” machinations in “Spartacus.”

In the episode “Domo”, Kaz refers to an upstairs area.

It doesn’t hurt when you have a guardian angel upstairs as well.

It relayed images of the five bodies, three of which were upstairs and the others downstairs, police said.

Jacob was upstairs when the mudslide swept through the house.

Lebrasseur then found the three-year-old girl unharmed upstairs.

Mr. Rooster has been exiled to an upstairs bathroom during prime crowing time.

Plans for the refurbished hotel also show the upstairs restaurant area would become a function room.

Plus, the Hummus House will host a variety of community events in its upstairs space, including free yoga.

Police said the homeowner heard noises upstairs, confronted the burglar and shot the burglar in the arm.

Police say that Thomas on Feb. 22 entered an upstairs apartment in Pocatello and threatened two people with a machete.

Raven has Ellen tied up to a bed in a room upstairs.

Rowe is excited about the fact he’ll also be living upstairs, just like his grandfather and his mother once did.

SCOTT SERVAIS: We’ve talked a lot upstairs, and I’ve got ideas.

Shanti ran upstairs to tell her mother about the gun.

She had gone upstairs to take a nap shortly after arriving home early that morning.

She is reported to be the daughter of the landlord who lives in the upstairs of the house.

She ran upstairs to check on her computer and in her study, she found the culprit – a grey squirrel.

She was on call that weekend, and her pockets bulged with notes on pink index cards about the patients upstairs.

So he and his team started going upstairs to confront him.

The fire department arrived about four minutes later as flames poured from the upstairs windows.

The fire started upstairs, Charleston firefighters say.

The man upstairs watches her a lot, said Victor.

The report continues that Bret Black went directly upstairs where he called for assistance from Storey County.

The station said police believe the boy was in the basement the whole time but would come upstairs to eat.

The storefront is half wine shop, half restaurant (with more cozy booth seating upstairs).

The three of them therefore go upstairs to Fanny’s bedroom.

The two men (upstairs) started panicking.”

The upstairs has its own residence and there’s a basement suite as well,” Walker said Saturday morning.

The upstairs is a “sleeping zone,” an open room with four berths.

Then she said she went back upstairs to find the door locked.

There is also a hairstylst located upstairs in the center.

There’s an editor upstairs who yells down, ‘You kids can’t write!’

They had an alter and everything, it was all in there, but there was no upstairs yet,” he said.

They sat upstairs on the second floor so they could enjoy a bit more peace and quiet.

This prompts the gang to immediately run upstairs.

This suggests a further modification to Lean Startup: Get upstairs in the Building.

Today it functions as an art studio with a gym and has an upstairs office with a bathroom.

Two people were home at the time and noticed fire in an upstairs bathroom just before 8 p.m. Tuesday.

upstairs at the hospital, Khalid Khattab wheeled his 8-year-old son Ibrahim into a ward.

upstairs from the grocery store is Neechi Commons restaurant.

upstairs is a little more of a date night space.

upstairs Restaurant @ Bell Channel launches “Rename the Restaurant Contest”

upstairs, new student commons and offices were built.

upstairs, several vacant apartments are boarded up with plywood.

upstairs, the 8,742-square-foot house has a game room, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and attic storage.

upstairs, the crowd oohed when the gold-trimmed red curtain was raised to reveal the wedding canopy.

upstairs, the Parlour showcases the team’s drinks creativity and historical know-how.

upstairs, there’s no shortage of mid-century French and Scandinavian design classics, plus new sci-fi inventions.

Watch manager Craig Sheridan said: “We got there and untangled the cat from the clothes dryer and it scampered upstairs.

We lost $40,000 on one bet and the guy across the street blew so much he wanted to go upstairs and jump off the roof.

We see the two girls climb upstairs after the boys.

William Evans, 10, screamed in terror after making the gruesome find – bringing his dad Marcus running from upstairs.

“We’ve got a couple of them: One upstairs and one down,” she said.

A fifth member of the family survived the blaze after jumping out of an upstairs window.

After a very nervous conversation, he led Spike upstairs to his room.

After blowing off steam, he stayed with the guests for a while, had a drink, then retired upstairs again in a bad mood.

After Peter wins the election, Tim gets Peter into the hotel room upstairs and to own up to everything on camera.

After the boys finish their supper, ‘Auntie’ shows them upstairs to her spare bedroom.

After they have managed to lure her upstairs again, they have another cuddle.

Also commonly used outside the context of poker. ; upstairs : See raise.

Anna had enough of the drama of her sister and parents so decides to take a nap upstairs in her room.