The use of online sentence dictionaries in learning English

How to use online sentence dictionaries in learning English

In learning English, we, as teachers, should always try to encourage our students to memorize new words in authentic and meaningful sentences. A word used in a sentence correctly and semantically will of course help a lot in keeping the it in mind.

We should seek to find ways to produce sentences for the target vocabulary all-the time. For this , we can get professional help from online sources such as and similar website which aim to produce sentences as many as they can.

The teacher ought to remember that a word used in a sentence will always pave the way for the best learning and memorizing the words and phrases. Also, we should always remember the fact that a new word in a sentence is a like plant with many roots in the brain.

For example, a pupil is learning the word rhythmic. It may be very difficult to learn the single word alone, but if he or she learns it in context rhythmic in a sentence as in this site, it will definetely boost the learning progress.

I hope this article will be useful and beneficial for you.