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GREECE: A standoff in talks between Greece and its lenders is keeping investors in Europe on edge.

Greece has also been a key military backer of the Cyprus government in its decades-old standoff with Turkey.

How the standoff will play out remains hard to predict.

In Albuquerque, Sandy and Perez shot 38-year-old James Boyd after a four-hour standoff in the Sandia foothills.

Of course, Democrats helped create this standoff.

Their deadline is Monday, but there are few signs that the 12-year standoff will actually be defused.

The NYPD responded, and a tense standoff followed for a few minutes when Zambrano refused to give up the gun.

There were indications that cartel members were trying to take advantage of that standoff.

A man shot and killed himself after a three-hour standoff in the Westin Hotel on Sunday morning.

A standoff lasted more than three hours before Haskell exited the car, sank to his knees and surrendered.

A standoff with the suspected gunman later ensued when deputies cornered him in a nearby cul-de-sac.

Abdullah said the standoff continued for more than 24 hours.

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After a 15-minute standoff, police escorted Adams out via a rear exit that the protesters could not see.

After a brief standoff, police escorted the deer from the home and released it into the wild.

After a standoff lasting several hours, the suspect surrendered to law enforcement officers, authorities said.

After a standoff, he surrendered and was taken to a psychiatric center.

After a standoff, police were summoned and Doyle had to quickly decide how far she would take her civil disobedience.

After a tense standoff in Hungary, scores of asylum seekers began making their way into Germany and Austria Saturday.

After Macy’s sued and the case went to trial, the standoff was widely covered by the media, including tabloids.

After the standoff, the center’s Nevada senior scientist, Rob Mrowka, chastised the agency for stopping.

Agricultural and food subsidies are at the heart of the current standoff.

All demands can be implemented peacefully and through dialogue,” Zeidan said, urging restraint in the GNC standoff.

Amazon and Hachette have been engaged in a lengthy public standoff over ebook terms that remains unresolved.

An Albuquerque officer shot and killed a 50-year-old father Saturday during a lengthy standoff.

An armed man aboard a boat, who was in a standoff with deputies, was arrested shortly before noon Friday.

Analysts believe the current standoff could accelerate momentum towards the formation of regional trade blocs.

At least six people – five women and an 18-month-old child – died during the standoff.

At various points during the standoff, Chiegbu dangled his daughter by one arm off his balcony, charging papers say.

At worst, memories of an Oka-style standoff serve as a warning.

Budimlic was the only officer to enter the residence, which led to the standoff with Smith.

But now its cobble stones have been ripped out by demonstrators to use as weapons in their standoff with police.

Cincinnati police were involved in a standoff at the McDonald’s on Warsaw Avenue in East Price Hill Monday night.

Crockwell was involved in a week-long standoff with RCMP officers in Bay Bulls in 2010.

During a final standoff, Jack kills Henderson as well.

Greeks vote Sunday on whether to accept demands that creditors were proposing to resolve a debt standoff.

Han Myung-Gon and the Japanese military standoff.

Haskell was arrested a few hours later after a police standoff and now is facing multiple charges of capital murder.

Haskell was arrested after a standoff with authorities that lasted more than three hours.

He added the suspected shooter was in a standoff with police.

He said he is open to “dialogue” to settle the standoff, but only by strictly legal means.

He spoke with reporters in Montgomery on Friday as the one-year anniversary of the standoff approaches.

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Hostage situation at Paris grocery 16 photos People are led away by police from an area near the standoff.

However, if the standoff endures, it means that the TFA cannot enter into force as a multilateral agreement.

I’m not going to surrender, Vivas yelled to a cheering crowd supporters during his standoff.

It was going to be a standoff of epic proportions.

It was unclear if the standoff over the patients stemmed from a clerical error or a change in Palestinian policy.

It’s a standoff, with each side ready for war and sure of its own virtue, speaking to its own troops.

Johnson fatally shot herself late Friday after a four-hour standoff with law enforcement officers.

Later on January 9, the Kouachi brothers are shot and killed in a standoff with police in Dammartin-en-Goele, France.

Man surrenders after apartment standoff that delayed flights Gunshots on the 2400 block of Brant Street in San Diego.

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) — Police say the standoff that occurred Wednesday afternoon ended with three arrests.

Naval standoff on the Black Sea The Russian Navy continues to block the Ukrainian Navy from leaving Sevastopol.

Negotiations ran almost to the payment deadline but failed to find a resolution to the standoff.

No arrests have been made in the standoff, but authorities are considering charges against the aunt, Carter said.

No clear leader or agenda has emerged from the obscure group of pro-Donetsk autonomy activists behind the standoff.

Not first standoff for historic ranch Kroenke’s historic ranch is no stranger to standoffs.

Officers set up around the area and a 20 minute standoff ensued.

One person is killed and another injured in a standoff early Sunday morning with a SWAT team, New Orleans police say.

Peck deemed the sons engaging in an armed standoff with a SWAT team.

Police forces march toward protesters during a standoff in Hong Kong Tuesday.

Police officers from as far away as Hawkesbury, Ont., about 250 kilometres away, responded to the standoff.

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Roads were blocked off in the neighborhood amid the standoff, and surrounding homes were evacuated as a precaution.

So there’s now a standoff on the eve of the biggest shopping day for U.S. consumers: Washington state vs Aliexpress.

SWAT teams arrested her husband, Daniel Diego Perez, after a standoff on a California highway earlier Thursday.

That GOP standoff over defunding the Democrats’ health care law cost the nation an estimated $24 billion.

The 78-day standoff began in earnest when Cpl.

The Cold War was a global standoff between superpowers.

The county is trying to end the long, perfectly legal standoff, which George expects to lose.

The Donetsk mayor’s website didn’t specify how many of the 40 killed in the airport standoff were separatists.

The exercise appeared to be more sabre-rattling by Pyongyang, rather than the start of a military standoff.

The move aims to strengthen a special spearhead unit created as reaction to the current standoff with Moscow.

The only suitable choice is to end the political crisis, to end the standoff,” Rainsy told reporters.

The seeds were sprung from confinement after federal drug officials approved a permit Thursday, ending the standoff.

The standoff began Tuesday afternoon when police in Harvey responded to a report of a possible home burglary.

The standoff ended when a loud bang was heard from the cafe and five people ran out.

The standoff ends with the Soviet Union withdrawing the missiles and the U.S. promising not to invade Cuba.

The standoff has revived concerns of a return to Cold War relations.

The standoff lasted about 12 hours this weekend.

The standoff led to major protests by judges and other activists- and threats of partial court strikes.

The standoff led to major protests by judges and other activists-and threats of partial court strikes.

The standoff wreaked havoc with transit for residents attempting to reach their homes Tuesday.

The standoff, just east of the square, was captured by newspaper photographers and TV news crews.

The suspect involved in the standoff was arrested early Tuesday morning and faces attempted murder charges.

The two Koreas have been in a near-constant standoff since an armistice ended the Korean War.

This weekend was meant to be the moment the world ended the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Two hostages were killed during the standoff.

VIDEO: Woman arrested after SWAT standoff The incident happened at 116 Dodge Ave. in Jefferson.

Vladimir Putin is seeking China’s support in Russia’s standoff with Western powers over Ukraine.

You would think these events would result in the same result that the Greek standoff with creditors has?

About 45 minutes into the standoff a young hostage and employee of the restaurant locked himself in the frozen food locker.

After a standoff between the Zakarov organization and Golden Kane, Yung agrees and leaves with Teko.

After a tense and somewhat violent standoff, the governor sent in the state militia to protect the miners.

After an intense standoff outside Lincoln, the posse retreated, and the brothers escaped.

After the standoff he is hailed as a hero and feels that he has a “new lease on life”.

After what police say was a three hour standoff, the wanted suspect voluntarily surrendered.

Call the distance from that surface to the middle of the hinge barrel or the pintle pin the standoff.