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This Jet Fighter Grade 1 English Spelling Game has been designed for teaching students English Spelling in a competitive game.

All Grade teachers at US schools can make use of this app to teach their pupils how to spell correctly.

The target words have been selected in accordance with Common Core Standards.

The game contains hundreds of misspelled English words, addicting and original game play, global leader boards and a lot of other features that will improve your spelling skills in an original and enjoyable way! You will never fail in spelling test at school again!

Scoring: Your score depends on your speed and number of mistakes you make. There is also an overall score = total score from all games you ever played, so more times you play = better score you get!

Also, the National spelling bee is challenging and the number of Spelling Bee words is growing every year. Your kids need better preparation. This Fighter Jet game app helps your kid to prepare for National Spelling Bee competition.