ophthalmologist in a sentence

Dr Henry Nkumbe is an ophthalmologist based in Yaounde, and secretary general of the African Ophthalmology Forum.

Her ophthalmologist said her recovery was completely exceptional, but some international experts were less impressed.

At the ophthalmologist: A grandmother, mother, and grandkid come in together.

Catherine’s father, Evan Powell, was an ophthalmologist in Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay.

During the meeting, the ophthalmologist will examine the eye and diagnose its condition.

Her owner, Baron Julius Von Uhl, was the lion tamer at the park, and his ophthalmologist was to perform the surgery.

In December 2014, the ophthalmologist successfully performed a similar surgery on another cat.

Once the test is over, your results are sent to a licensed ophthalmologist for review.