monogram sentence

And Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram canvas handbag, which sold for $620 in 2007, climbed to $970 last year.

Prizes for both awards included gold-plated chopsticks and a Korin knife monogrammed with “Ramenfest 2015.”

The gold monogrammed necklace is always a good choice.

Senior have shown, by difference in coin findings, style and monograms, that there were indeed two distinct rulers.

Additionally Bond carries his cigarettes in a trademarked monogrammed gunmetal cigarette case.

His favorite color is red, which is the color of his scarf-it also has a monogrammed, yellow “R”.

In ” Chuck Versus the Alma Mater ” he betrayed Morgan’s revolt against Harry Tang for a monogramed Buy More polo.

Marianne shows show to make a piece of customizable monogram string art.

The ’84 Turbo came with a “TURBO” monogrammed hood bulge accent.

The elder William Rutson had been Kendal’s mayor in 1761, and the clock bears his initials as a monogram, on its dial.

The violent Dillinger (1945), made for a reported $35,000, earned monogram more than $1 million for the first time.