black and white sentence

As a police officer, it’s not black and white for us,”” Roby told CBS affiliate WKYT-TV in Lexington.”

He’s still wearing the black and white, Converse-like shoes supplied at the detention center.

It’s in black and white; the photography by Gerald Hirschfeld is magnificent.

It’s a punk ball Kylie, not a black and white ball.

It’s been that black and white for me.

It’s not a black and white picture, however.

That for me is black and white.”

The public library had huge stashes of old black and white films, foreign films, and old classics.

There’s red and blue and black and white.

We have also changed some gory bloody scenes to black and white to soften the effect.”””

We use the same colors, black and white, pink and red.

We try to create clear black and white lines when you have human beings in very complex dynamics.”””

“When I published it the younger generation told me, ‘Our Istanbul is not that black and white, we are happier here.’

A black and white snake wraps around this pastel pink dress.

All transmissions from the moon were in black and white.

Assaf’s black and white headscarf is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.

black and white is an excellent choice and really displays the subjects’ similarities and differences as well.”

black and white is expected to open later this year.

black and white lets the viewer concentrate on the textures and contrasts, which are really the subject of the image.”

black and white photographs of daily life in Afghanistan.

black and white portraits are from the manga.

black and white puss Aaron was taken in by the RSPCA’s Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells branch in May, with an abscess.

black and white, it seems, are the new color.

Black or White (which premiered at TIFF under its alternate title black and white) is in theatres this weekend.

But I think those films that don’t challenge us, and present a moral image that is black and white, are limited.

Divisions over the killings are not simply black and white.

Duboyce said the issue is “black and white.”

Gunnartheviking 5pts too multi-faceted to be summed up so neatly in black and white.

He added that some victims of bullies also are bullies themselves, “so it’s not always black and white.”

He was last seen wearing a black and white striped polo shirt and dark pants with black tennis shoes and a backpack.

Her flower pattern on black and white is cool yet playful, and can be easily mixed and matched with anyone’s wardrobe.

I started with black and white film, and I won’t move to color.

If you’re looking for coverage of the shootings in Virginia, you can find it on our website in black and white.

Initially, Rosewood had both black and white settlers.

Issa’s monochromatic collection fused black and white with laid back structures.

It is about finding the colors between the black and white.

It shows the gray as well as the black and white picture.”

It takes me away from the stresses and worries of the daily grind and adds colour to a black and white world.

It was painted black and white with a police-style shield on the doors, and police-related decals.

Its colors are black and white, trimmed with orange.

It’s not a grey area, it’s very black and white.

It’s Not A Joke By Devin Coldewey What’s black and white and unread all over?

Jobs says that any changes Apple made were because of “black and white” deals it had with the labels.

Jon Jon with the wound on his right cheek visible He is described as black and white in colour and large but skinny.

Legally black and white people are equal in South Africa, but economically they are not.

Let us be clear: the AAP guidelines might be rather black and white, but they are vitally important.

Liberty Reserve was not as black and white as the government would have you believe.

Motown Records was the first label to incorporate artists and sounds who attracted both black and white crowds.

Mr Farrier has always just used a simple Nikon camera and his photographs are mainly in black and white.

None of which ISIS is interested in. Belgium raid: Police hit Molenbeek In ISIS’ Islam, there’s only black and white.

Obama said: “For many, black and white, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation.

On Sunday, Coach Gary Pinkel tweeted a photo of him and several black and white students and faculty with the caption.

One should not be subject to the simplicity of black and white arguments about this.

Overall, the surveys found a significant gulf between black and white Americans on reparations.

Parker power-clashed like a pro in this devoré dress and black and white jacket.

RAW Santa Parade in black and white in Ottawa0:32 This video features a parade in colour from the 1970s.

Real life has a lot of shades of gray, and movies have black and white, even when they’re in color.”

Related: Baltimore’s economy in black and white CNNMoney (New York) May 8, 2015: 1:06 PM ET Millions of job openings!

So what if they lead the type of life that a lot of people (both black and white) couldn’t imagine ever achieving?

Stamps, Arkansas, was deeply segregated, and divided by railroad tracks that split the town into black and white.

The answer to why this happened lies in the era of black and white film and the tail-end of the European empires.

The cars are painted the traditional black and white.

The Diamond+ is available in black and white.

The hat’s available in black and white.

The July 27 issue of the publication has a black and white cover photo showing 35 women seated in rows.

The long and dense dorsal fur is grizzled black and white.

The Metropolitans were made up of black and white Officers.

The missing dogs, who died, are: Mia – A black and white pit bull.

The prints were expensive (compared to black and white).

The probe’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager is capable of taking black and white photographs of Pluto’s surface.

The smoky, seductive black and white visuals continue to add evidence against the divorce rumors.

The world’s problems boiled down to black and white, right and wrong, good and evil.

Then there are the public attitudes toward black and white drug offenders.

There are things I am naturally drawn to, she said, “I love black and white stripes, I love blues, I love textures.

They wore black and white overseas caps with a red tassel.

We deal in a world of black and white, where training prepares one to handle contingencies.

We saw the alcohol industry be an industry the source of tremendous wealth for both black and white Bahamians.

Wearing a colorful, circle patterned top and black and white bikini bottoms, the star’s fiancé sure had a nice view.

We’re really black and white about that, he says.

While lidar looks like a black and white photograph, it really isn’t.

You can choose from black and white and vintage effects.

It kind of reminded me of an old black and white photo I once saw of Johnny Depp.

“For many, black and white, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racist subjugation.

1) #96 Instead of black and white, the titles of the London Inner Circle are designated Black and Red.

2003 Jimmy has 2 cars for that season, one was silver and the other was black and white, and a tour car.

A police officer was parked in a black and white SUV across the street.

A Trip to the Moon (French: Le Voyage dans la lune ) is a 1902 French black and white silent science fiction film.

All Pertwee episodes of Doctor Who now exist in the Archives, albeit some only in black and white.

Although the show was broadcast in black and white, Savile dyed his hair a different colour every week.

And that’s before considering the racial graduation gap between black and white football players.

Andy Warhol provided the cover art, in black and white, but against Warhol’s wishes Cale colourised it.

Another black and white silent film made by Dampier’s daughter, Lily, and her husband, Alfred Rolfe.

black and white remained the colours until 1930, when they were changed to blue and white stripes.

black and white youths standing up for one another, standing against hate.

Both black and white men are represented in the drawing, something unusual for Shinn’s time period.

Boyz II Men wore black and white Air Jordan XI shoes with white suits at one of their concerts.

Brisbane The future is black and white Currency Press The reports were that it was very funny.

Closed file :A file on which black and white both have a pawn.

Contrast Contrast is the range between black and white on the final radiograph.

Crest The colors of the Dynamo crest are orange, black and white, with Space City blue added as an accent and border color.

During the first line of the chorus the word “Work” flashes on screen in black and white.

Each volume was black and white with a painted color cover and contained several short stories called “missions.”

Expert says: “I very much enjoy a good black and white photograph and this is one of them.

First, black and white mean different things than they do in the mark and sweep collector.

Flax belts were often plaited in patterns with black and white stripes.

Flusser (2002). p. 112 The style is still seen as the smartest, featuring on dress trousers with black and white tie.

For many, black and white, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation.

Four expensive, hand-coloured etchings and four black and white wood engravings by John Leech accompanied the text.

From 1966 to 1968 the show was both taped and transmitted in black and white.

From the proper front and proper back of the sculpture, the viewer sees a mostly black and white structure.

He begins painting in black and alternates between black and white, layering his image.

He remains black and white through nearly the entire film until David helps him realize how much he really loves his wife.

He was wearing a black and white baseball hat, black jacket, beige pants and grey shoes.

Health black and white Havanese Havanese are generally healthy and sturdy dogs, living between 14 to 16 years.

Her appearance is similar to Lammy’s except for being completely black and white, but her attitude is much bossier.

Here, she examines the conflict between black and white women in the women’s movement.

History in black and white: a critical analysis of the Black Armband debate.

I learned a bit from him and black and white was the easy medium to deal with.

Illustrations There are 34 black and white, pen and ink drawings by Kurt Wiese.

In 1949 a black and white TV with a little 7-inch screen cost about a month’s pay for the average worker.

In 1996, a three-issue (black and white) limited series was printed.

In his capacity as a politician, Amis to publicize the Mooney case among both black and white workers.

In honor of it’s fecal fuel source, the bus is painted in black and white spots (like a cow).

In the black and white photograph, Jackson is dressed casually; he wears jeans and a simple shirt.

In the late 1980s the original black and white television commercial was partially colourised and reintroduced.

In the London production, his look was less camp, and he had a black and white checkered pattern on one side of his face.

It became not as black and white as I think it was for me historically, he said.

It made its national debut on RTÉ’s Showband Show in August 1963 live in black and white.

It was a world of black and white, and back then the two rarely met in harmony.

It was broadcast in black and white, although the film was shot in colour.

Its black and white colouration may have evolved to take advantage of the dappled light in these areas.

It’s her first ever black and white work, created especially for the Kelley exhibition.

Its mascot is a panther, and the school colors are red, black and white.

It’s not always black and white and there is room for interpretation and judgment.

It’s not black and white regarding what you can and can’t write about.

Itsuki ended up working as Sensui’s partner, gradually widening his black and white views on justice.

Jason reveals Jake’s paternity to Lucky at the black and white Ball.

Jerseys The current team colors are red, black and white, and they can be seen on both the home and road jerseys.

Many comics are in black and white, but some, such as those involving space battles, are in color.

Only some widgets were colorized – scrollbars, for instance, had a new look, but buttons remained in black and white.

Packaging The album’s cover art, photographed by Lance Mercer, features a black and white picture of the band.

Painted black and white it featured a red light fitted to the roof and ‘County Sheriff’ stickers on the doors.

Parker power-clashed like a pro in this devoré dress and black and white jacket.

Picollator index contains black and white photos as well as coloured photographs.

Production The film was made on black and white film and there is much overexposure of the film.

Referees are generally required to wear black and white vertical-striped jerseys, with a red arm band on one arm.

Relationship between premature mortality and socioeconomic factors in black and white populations of US metropolitan areas.

She has said that, because of her mixed parentage, she was the target of racist taunts from both black and white children.

The 1st edition’s black and white deck cards were replaced with coloured versions in the 2nd edition.

The black and white substitute forms of W-2 Copy A and W3 are SSA-approved.

The bronze lectern was given to the College in 1654. The black and white marble paving dates from 1677-78.

The Dominique is a medium-sized bird with distinctive black and white striping over the entire body.

The film’s events unfold in two separate, alternating narratives-one in color, and the other in black and white.

The final frame, once the mystery is solved, fades from black and white to color.

The first edition of the newsletter was in black and white and had eight pages.

The floor in the lobby is fir covered with black and white linoleum squares, laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

The gap between black and white is so wide that sometimes it feels like it’s still 1965.

The Kitchen Sink and Checker versions are in color, Nostalgia Press did one in black and white and the others in color.

The larva is grass green in colour, mottled black and white and smoky grey.

The looting in Brixton by black and white youths reportedly started at around 6pm.

The opening black and white sequence of Untamed Heart was filmed at Glen Lake Sanatorium shortly before it was demolished.

The other 1K bank stored the full screen display of 24 rows x 32 columns of characters in black and white.

The result was a very uneven distribution of teaching resources in black and white schools.

The right to regulate will be fully protected, in black and white, she said.

The video was filmed in grainy black and white in the style of a 1960s European art film.

The walls of water to either side were modelled out of plaster, which looked completely realistic on black and white film.

The west side includes black and white work, reminiscent of Shaw.

There are a total of 58 pages printed in black and white inside the magazine.

There is also a flock of heritage-breed chickens, including Plymouth Rocks (black and white barred).

There then followed two thirteen-episode series, also in black and white.

These cartoons are in black and white with a film grain effect added and scratchy audio quality.

They may call it black and white, but I’m not white, I’m a shade of brown and so is our daughter, Leni.

They usually decorated their pottery with bright colors of red, yellow, orange, black and white.

This second step, Clean BG Noise, is usually executed while viewing the black and white Matte View.

To save battery, the screen goes to black and white when you’re not looking at it.

Today, most cops — black and white — consider them wrong and stupid, they said.

Tokyo: Canon, 1983. More black and white photographs of Chicago.

While in a bad state, the item looks impressive and has its two sides of different colors: black and white.

With black and white, I believe there’s a stripped-down, elemental aspect to it.

You can also transform your photos and videos from color to black and white.