men and women in sentence

A lot more men and women have to read this and understand this side in the story.

Despite threats, thousands of men and women cast their votes.

Hillary’s the clear frontrunner and men and women who want to take her on are automatically underdogs.”””

Like I said, I’ve worked with the greatest bunch of men and women in the Kenner Police Department.”””

Many pioneering men and women are being honored as National American Indian Heritage Month continues.

Thank you too all our service men and women.

The gaps between men and women grew slightly, compared to 2011.

The income gap between men and women has been widening in the past three decades.

The men and women of the New York Police Department will always be there as long as you are alive.

Then those same men and women turning around to lead their own teams.

The risk of Russian dominance was just too great for Ukraine’s richest men and women.

The tennis ace is the face of Avon Luck, for men and women.

This was true for men and women, as well as for all types of alcohol.

We should not allow jihadists to come back to America using U.S. passports to murder innocent men and women.”

“I did my job just like 10,000 other men and women.”

“The men and women should be honored for volunteering – under the toughest circumstances possible – to defend us.

22 photos: Iron men and women Iron men and women – Crowhurst uses digital filters to create his own unmistakable style.

A glimmer of hope, of men and women in white helmets.

A notorious pose seen in both men and women in which the hands are crossed protectively across the groin.

A question asked by both men and women.

According to Lorna the book has to date been enjoyed by both men and women.

Actually, this goes for both men and women.

Alastair Campbell wants CNN users to help him answer the question: “Do men and women win in different ways?”

All the men and women who took part that day 70 years ago are heroes – especially the ones who never came back.

And I’d like to see young people help older men and women to reacclimate.

And if dad wants to stay home and bring up the children, then that’s a big move forward for both men and women.

And new research suggests that visceral fat around the belly is particularly bad for bones, for both men and women.

And were the men and women of 1916 right to actually use violence to achieve their goal of a 32 county Republic?

As Crosscut’s John Stang reported last week, legislators are looking at bridging the pay gap between men and women.

At any time, roughly 1,100 officers and 9,100 enlisted men and women are serving aboard U.S. Navy submarines.

Avramopoulos also called for better counter measures to stop the radicalization of young men and women.

Both days, uniformed re-enactors will talk about the lives of military men and women.

Both men and women age 18 and over are welcome.

Both men and women age 18 and over are welcome.

Both men and women can take criticism personally.

Both men and women experience stereotypes and unfair expectations.

Both men and women preferred other options.

Both men and women should feel free to be strong.

Both men and women want to know: “Do I please you?”

Both the Newfoundland Folk Festival and Lawnya Vawnya feature an almost equal amount of men and women on their boards.

But some Germans are trying to wean their countrymen and women off the bottle – and onto the tap.

By comparison, the rate of bone loss for elderly men and women on Earth is from 1% to 1.5% per year.

Community outreach programs at home could also help prevent young men and women from falling under its spell, he added.

Cuts to allowances also announced on Monday will hardly help, when it comes to retaining skilled service men and women.

Despite such fears, the men and women stayed committed to covering politics, even at great personal risk.

Each headstone is a minimemorial to the men and women who died and served, Hunter said.

Emotionally stunted men and women across the five boroughs (and the tri-state area) finally feel something again.

For both men and women, heavier drinking carried higher risk.

Francis on Monday opened an interreligious conference on the “complementarity” of men and women in marriage and sex.

From high-quality watches to other jewelry pieces for both men and women, we only sell the best of the best.

Further research is warranted to better understand the differences in associations between men and women.”

He also says mechanical breast stimulation can increase breast growth in both men and women.

He cited “moral law written in nature itself” in insisting there is a natural difference between men and women.

He cited “moral law written in nature itself” in insisting there is a natural difference between men and women.

He’s also wants to be a voice for young gay men and women who look up to him.

Homosexuals and the normal:men and women, yeah?

I have many friends at microsoft, both men and women, and they don’t see this as a big deal.

I look forward to thanking fellow service men and women and their families for their sacrifices, said Wilmore.

I think, overall, the men and women at the C.I.A. do a really tough job and they do it really well.

I was aware of men and women whizzing past me.

If men and women were equally prone to idiocy, that would be a statistical improbability, the authors concluded.

If there were far more minority men and women to choose from, this sort of hand-wringing would never exist.

I’m dying now’ – On Monday morning, eight bodies — both men and women — were airlifted from the mountain.

I’m honored to give back to these brave men and women who risk their lives for our country every day, said Toby.

In fact, being the breadwinner is now seen as just the eighth most important role for dads by both men and women.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s strict gender segregation rules, men and women cast ballots at separate polling stations.

In the first, structured setting, the researchers found that men and women behaved quite differently.

Isn’t there a way to bring boomer men and women together again?

It is our job as men and women of religion not to allow the fundamentalists or extremists to hijack the religion.

It placed little Lego men and women protesting Arctic drilling around Legolands in Denmark and London.

It was only the courage of the men and women on the ground that prevented defeat, the paper says.

It will apply in equal measure to men, protecting both men and women, from discriminatory treatment.

James Blunt said “The men and women of the service community deserve all of our support.

Jordan was among the 33 men and women aboard the freighter that sunk Oct. 1 in 15,000 feet of water east of the Bahamas.

Just over 1,000 men and women over the age of 18 years responded.

Known mostly for its almost-$100 yoga pants, Lululemon sells a wide variety of activewear for men and women.

Last year I said the unsung heroes were the men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Living in Dickson County, Tennessee, I see every day how committed these men and women are to their communities.

Long queues of men and women were seen across several polling stations in Cairo, AFP correspondents reported.

May men and women follow their procreative urges wherever they take them?

McKeon pledged to continue working for men and women in the military.

Melanoma rates also rose to about 14 and 11 per 100,000 men and women respectively.

men and women can both be perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse, and victims are encouraged to call the police.

men and women can usually get married at the normal age.

men and women might respond differently to antidepressants.

men and women show up with hammers and nails to help.

men and women will not fight if they do not have confidence in their leaders, Hagel said of the earlier breakdown.

men and women, boys and girls, all seem to be prone to seeing this fanatical being.

Military men and women get honored for their sacrifices, but fiances, husbands, and wives make a large sacrifice too.

Miller designs for men and women, with a New York showroom and a Los Angeles denim studio.

Most of us (both men and women) are suckers for foot massages, bubble baths and back rubs.

Moving forward, the men and women of the Mesa Police Department will continue to provide world-class police service.

Much of America, men and women, are very overweight.

Now, it is the case that in most of rural India, men and women lead very separate lives.

Obama has said lifting up those men and women is one of his top priorities.

Occurrence Optic pits occur equally between men and women.

On Monday, our brave men and women in uniform began airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria.

On paper the law looks restrictive to both men and women, said Subin Mulmi of the FWLD.

On the evening of Dec. 7, about a dozen men and women, some of them masked, burst into the apartment.

a lot more sentence

All my life I’ve loved telling people what books I think they’ll love, now I have a lot more people to tell.”””

a lot more dialogue needs to have taken place.

a lot more men and women have to read this and understand this side in the story.

And headbangers drink a lot more alcohol.

But it’s clear that your location will be a lot more visible than it would otherwise be.

But to be honest, I feel like going to nationals here was a lot more pressure than for worlds, he said.”

First, they usually require a lot more money.

For the most part, pregnant girls in school today can find a lot more support than Sandra did.

I get that a lot more criminal activity is being video taped & that’s great!

I have a lot more faith in the young people than to fall for this scam.

In addition did you observe the news a lot more protests in the Middle East?

In other words, there are a lot more mobiles than there are people.

I spent a lot more time on homework, and studying in general, than peers I had at the local high schools.”””

It has a lot more to do with the model than the man.

I think we’ll see a lot more concurrent classes going forward,”” superintendent Johnny Fowler said.”

I thought I would be a lot more nervous.

It’s a lot more nerve-racking,”” Keselowski said.”

It’s just stupid and now I’ve come out I feel a lot more comfortable with myself.

It’s a lot more compact than our main pick, which gives you more options for placing it around your home.

It’s a lot more difficult to gain perspective,”” he said.”

“I was a lot more focused and dedicated,” he said.

It wasn’t simply because we do indeed now have a lot more volume, velocity, and variety than a decade ago.

I would say though that we just have a lot more talking to do about the subject.”””

I want to start going to second a lot more.”

My arms were a lot more fresh,” he said.

Now that means a lot more than just search.

Privacy experts call it shoulder surfing, and it does a lot more than offend your seatmate.

Should the deal go through, Bolt would not just earn a lot more money, he would also become an industry.

That means people are spending a lot more time playing games, watching TV, and shopping on their phones.

There were a lot more boys in the class than there were women,”” she said of the physics classes.”

The truth is, these translators did a lot more than most Americans to protect and defend our country.

They’re a lot more convenient than they used to be.

They’re a lot more thoughtful around how and where they put stuff outside the firewall,”” he said.”

They were really disciplined a lot more down the stretch, so you’ve got to give them credit.”

Things will be a lot more difficult for the freshman this week when the Aggies travel to No. 3 Auburn.

Unlike in soccer, the referee communicates a lot more.

We open up some of the plates, allow a lot more of the earthy goodness to come through,” explains Scott Harris.”

We started to bend a little bit in the third but that comes with it when they add a lot more pressure.”

While arguably more attractive, the redesign may necessitate a lot more swiping.

With Amazon, it feels a lot more intimate and personal,”” said the founder of eight-month startup Playir.”

We’re getting much more severe weather events more frequently and it’s causing a lot more damage.

@Windowseat That would be worth a lot more than 5 bucks I’ll see your 5, and raise you a case of beer.

“A lot of the changes that we did make, it’s a lot more natural for me.

“At other institutions, you have to convince a lot more people to make the gears turn,” Alligood noted.

“He’s going to be worth a lot more if he keeps it up.”

“I could’ve been a lot more patient with things,” he said.

“I just kind of figured out a lot more about the offense to be a little bit more successful.”

“I know there’s a lot more other guys.”

“I’d like to win a lot more in my career, and I feel like I can,” McIlroy said.

“I’d say I have a lot more experience,” Miller said.

“If we could just change the hospital practices, I think we could have a lot more equity.”

“In subsequent years, we’ve learned a lot more about how birth control works.”

“It is making our life a lot more complicated,” Marchionne said.

“It was a lot more rough than I would have thought.”

“It would be worth a lot more to us (as a house), but we can still make money out of doing what we’re trying to do.”

“It’s a heck of a lot more convincing when a mom says something than when a brand does,” he says.

“if we were giving them something to cheer about there would be a lot more cheers coming off the field at halftime.

“Obviously a lot more will go in the coming years.”

“Of course it’s a lot more orchestrated now than what it was at that time because we took everybody by surprise.

“Our fight is a lot more like my rehab.

“Overall, you have a lot more who are underplaying” them, he said.

“Physical shopping will become a lot more fun because it’s going to have to be,” retail futurist Doug Stephens says.

“Pitching and defense can keep you in games a lot more,” Mercier said.

“The demo played up the dub elements a lot more than the two EPs that would make up 13 Songs,” says Spellman.

“There is a lot more pressure, a bit more stress,” Hartson said.

“This team is a lot more serious than we were before.

“We can’t accept a financial statement and find out there was a lot more damage than it is today,” Ruby Koe said.

“We could have been a lot more effective in how we were doing things,” he now says.

“We did just get out of the holidays, and people consume a lot more, and don’t work out as much,” Powell said.

“We have a lot more in common with other people than the differences.

“We played with a lot more intensity in the second half,” Dean said.

“We still got a lot more to prove,” Scott said before walking off the field at Stanford Stadium.

“When a guy comes in on debut, generally you get a lot more to hit.

“You always get an indication off the player and he is a lot more positive than he was on Monday and that is good news.”

” The shooter could have entered while I was in my meeting and a lot more people would have been killed.

A couple guys said ‘You’ve dug us out of a lot more holes than you’ve ever put us in, so don’t worry about it.

A garment wasn’t a bad idea, but they’d get a lot more patrons in the door if it was bin Laden’s underwear.

a lot more is at stake – last year the bank completed $27.4 billion in transactions and supported 164,000 U.S. jobs.

A lot of years have gone by and I’ve got a lot more to share.”

A move by the Fed to raise rates could further boost the dollar, making Turkey’s imports a lot more expensive.

A welder makes a lot more than a Greek philosopher, he said.

According to one of the site’s sources, “turning your palm up to look at the watch actually feels a lot more natural.”

Alcoholism kills a lot more people than anyone realizes, but most people don’t consider alcohol a drug!

All lives may indeed matter, just some a lot more than others.

Although the United States topped the index, Aidis said “there’s still a lot more room for improvement.”

Americans felt a heck of a lot more confident in July, said Jennifer Lee, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets.

And a lot of people are on their phones a lot more nowadays.

And I do feel a lot more engaged as a result,” said psychology student Catherine Gallagher.

And it gives you the idea that you have a lot more in you.”

And she wants to do a lot more while she’s there – such as taking tours, and learning about how her country is governed.

And they’d be a lot more expensive if they were like schools, because they would need licensed teachers.

And we don’t market it to black women, it’s just that I’m black and a lot more women of color have taken notice.

Apple did do this but it cost a lot more than $250.

As a result, they spend a lot more on gas – an average of $1,588 annually for fuel alone.

Azarenka’s intent is a bit more questionable – okay, a lot more questionable.

BAC the bicyclist also Okay, the update makes a lot more sense.

Basically, they’d make a lot more money.

Because I’ve been there I feel a lot more comfortable, a lot more relaxed.

Because of the trend of a lot more people getting tattoos, agencies are looking to adjust or alter or make new policy.

upstairs in a sentence

All (Davis) had to do was come upstairs for ten minutes.”

Any scouting report is going to say get traffic, put rebounds upstairs and get the dirty goals.”

I never knew that there was a gun in the house,”” said LaSalle, who lives upstairs from the family.”

The fire caused heavy smoke to pour from the upstairs windows.

“I met Sam”-Busby’s longtime partner, Samuel Byers-“while I was making the movie, and we moved upstairs.

“If anybody would have been upstairs (much longer) they probably wouldn’t have made it,” Pantoja said.

“Nowhere else to go” Colleen Pruit and David Natal moved into an upstairs studio in Jordin’s West Ninth house in July.

“The three women took the baby, rushed upstairs and tried to lock themselves in a bathroom.

A statement from her said: “For the last week he was sleeping on the sofa because he was too ill to go upstairs.

After the rally, activists moved upstairs to lobby lawmakers between the House and Senate chambers.

Aliens In the Attic – They Came from upstairs Video game.

An adjacent private space has six lanes, and there’s a small four-lane alley upstairs in a private area.

And if the weather’s bad they can head upstairs for a value meal.

And then they heard the sound of scurrying feet upstairs.

As Thomas’s supporters rushed upstairs, Cooper and her new executive locked themselves into an upstairs office.

Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Won’t My Food Deliveryman Come upstairs in Bed-Stuy?

At the wedding reception, Danielle is upstairs.

Benjamin Benschneider / The Seattle Times There are two bedrooms on either side of the upstairs sleeping room.

By the time the patients got inside, they would sometimes end up upstairs at the desk in tears.”

Caller: “I just walked in our office, and I think somebody has killed somebody upstairs in our office.”

Drake, the third son, who was an infant at the time of the murders, was asleep upstairs and was not injured.

During this era, the upstairs of many of the buildings were in use.

Edith immediately goes upstairs to tell them.

Elwin said the 63-year-old man armed himself with a gun and went upstairs to investigate.

Everybody started yelling at me, “Come upstairs, you’re on TV!

Fearing an intruder, the woman hid upstairs with her daughter and called 911, Gates said.

Finally, before heading upstairs, there is a cloakroom.

Fire investigators tell WBTV the blaze started in a rear upstairs unit because of a possible electrical malfunction.

Four children – 5-year-old twins and a 9- and 12-year-old – who were sleeping upstairs were killed.

Harry comes back upstairs and is also held hostage.

Hart says a woman she believed to be Mercer’s mother also lived upstairs and was “crying her eyes out” Thursday.

He dragged me upstairs to the mirror to see.”

He was able to alert a woman who also lived at the house, who was asleep in a bedroom upstairs in the property.

Hip music thumps in the background, with the occasional added percussion of renovation work going on upstairs.

I keep my firearms locked in a high-quality safe or in a lock box upstairs in my bedroom.

I will die upstairs in my bedroom with my husband, mother, stepfather and best friend by my side and pass peacefully.

If I’m having a bad day, I don’t have to run upstairs and grab a Diet Coke.

In some respects, it’s entirely different from the “upstairs, Downstairs” machinations in “Spartacus.”

In the episode “Domo”, Kaz refers to an upstairs area.

It doesn’t hurt when you have a guardian angel upstairs as well.

It relayed images of the five bodies, three of which were upstairs and the others downstairs, police said.

Jacob was upstairs when the mudslide swept through the house.

Lebrasseur then found the three-year-old girl unharmed upstairs.

Mr. Rooster has been exiled to an upstairs bathroom during prime crowing time.

Plans for the refurbished hotel also show the upstairs restaurant area would become a function room.

Plus, the Hummus House will host a variety of community events in its upstairs space, including free yoga.

Police said the homeowner heard noises upstairs, confronted the burglar and shot the burglar in the arm.

Police say that Thomas on Feb. 22 entered an upstairs apartment in Pocatello and threatened two people with a machete.

Raven has Ellen tied up to a bed in a room upstairs.

Rowe is excited about the fact he’ll also be living upstairs, just like his grandfather and his mother once did.

SCOTT SERVAIS: We’ve talked a lot upstairs, and I’ve got ideas.

Shanti ran upstairs to tell her mother about the gun.

She had gone upstairs to take a nap shortly after arriving home early that morning.

She is reported to be the daughter of the landlord who lives in the upstairs of the house.

She ran upstairs to check on her computer and in her study, she found the culprit – a grey squirrel.

She was on call that weekend, and her pockets bulged with notes on pink index cards about the patients upstairs.

So he and his team started going upstairs to confront him.

The fire department arrived about four minutes later as flames poured from the upstairs windows.

The fire started upstairs, Charleston firefighters say.

The man upstairs watches her a lot, said Victor.

The report continues that Bret Black went directly upstairs where he called for assistance from Storey County.

The station said police believe the boy was in the basement the whole time but would come upstairs to eat.

The storefront is half wine shop, half restaurant (with more cozy booth seating upstairs).

The three of them therefore go upstairs to Fanny’s bedroom.

The two men (upstairs) started panicking.”

The upstairs has its own residence and there’s a basement suite as well,” Walker said Saturday morning.

The upstairs is a “sleeping zone,” an open room with four berths.

Then she said she went back upstairs to find the door locked.

There is also a hairstylst located upstairs in the center.

There’s an editor upstairs who yells down, ‘You kids can’t write!’

They had an alter and everything, it was all in there, but there was no upstairs yet,” he said.

They sat upstairs on the second floor so they could enjoy a bit more peace and quiet.

This prompts the gang to immediately run upstairs.

This suggests a further modification to Lean Startup: Get upstairs in the Building.

Today it functions as an art studio with a gym and has an upstairs office with a bathroom.

Two people were home at the time and noticed fire in an upstairs bathroom just before 8 p.m. Tuesday.

upstairs at the hospital, Khalid Khattab wheeled his 8-year-old son Ibrahim into a ward.

upstairs from the grocery store is Neechi Commons restaurant.

upstairs is a little more of a date night space.

upstairs Restaurant @ Bell Channel launches “Rename the Restaurant Contest”

upstairs, new student commons and offices were built.

upstairs, several vacant apartments are boarded up with plywood.

upstairs, the 8,742-square-foot house has a game room, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and attic storage.

upstairs, the crowd oohed when the gold-trimmed red curtain was raised to reveal the wedding canopy.

upstairs, the Parlour showcases the team’s drinks creativity and historical know-how.

upstairs, there’s no shortage of mid-century French and Scandinavian design classics, plus new sci-fi inventions.

Watch manager Craig Sheridan said: “We got there and untangled the cat from the clothes dryer and it scampered upstairs.

We lost $40,000 on one bet and the guy across the street blew so much he wanted to go upstairs and jump off the roof.

We see the two girls climb upstairs after the boys.

William Evans, 10, screamed in terror after making the gruesome find – bringing his dad Marcus running from upstairs.

“We’ve got a couple of them: One upstairs and one down,” she said.

A fifth member of the family survived the blaze after jumping out of an upstairs window.

After a very nervous conversation, he led Spike upstairs to his room.

After blowing off steam, he stayed with the guests for a while, had a drink, then retired upstairs again in a bad mood.

After Peter wins the election, Tim gets Peter into the hotel room upstairs and to own up to everything on camera.

After the boys finish their supper, ‘Auntie’ shows them upstairs to her spare bedroom.

After they have managed to lure her upstairs again, they have another cuddle.

Also commonly used outside the context of poker. ; upstairs : See raise.

Anna had enough of the drama of her sister and parents so decides to take a nap upstairs in her room.

standoff exercises

GREECE: A standoff in talks between Greece and its lenders is keeping investors in Europe on edge.

Greece has also been a key military backer of the Cyprus government in its decades-old standoff with Turkey.

How the standoff will play out remains hard to predict.

In Albuquerque, Sandy and Perez shot 38-year-old James Boyd after a four-hour standoff in the Sandia foothills.

Of course, Democrats helped create this standoff.

Their deadline is Monday, but there are few signs that the 12-year standoff will actually be defused.

The NYPD responded, and a tense standoff followed for a few minutes when Zambrano refused to give up the gun.

There were indications that cartel members were trying to take advantage of that standoff.

A man shot and killed himself after a three-hour standoff in the Westin Hotel on Sunday morning.

A standoff lasted more than three hours before Haskell exited the car, sank to his knees and surrendered.

A standoff with the suspected gunman later ensued when deputies cornered him in a nearby cul-de-sac.

Abdullah said the standoff continued for more than 24 hours.

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After a 15-minute standoff, police escorted Adams out via a rear exit that the protesters could not see.

After a brief standoff, police escorted the deer from the home and released it into the wild.

After a standoff lasting several hours, the suspect surrendered to law enforcement officers, authorities said.

After a standoff, he surrendered and was taken to a psychiatric center.

After a standoff, police were summoned and Doyle had to quickly decide how far she would take her civil disobedience.

After a tense standoff in Hungary, scores of asylum seekers began making their way into Germany and Austria Saturday.

After Macy’s sued and the case went to trial, the standoff was widely covered by the media, including tabloids.

After the standoff, the center’s Nevada senior scientist, Rob Mrowka, chastised the agency for stopping.

Agricultural and food subsidies are at the heart of the current standoff.

All demands can be implemented peacefully and through dialogue,” Zeidan said, urging restraint in the GNC standoff.

Amazon and Hachette have been engaged in a lengthy public standoff over ebook terms that remains unresolved.

An Albuquerque officer shot and killed a 50-year-old father Saturday during a lengthy standoff.

An armed man aboard a boat, who was in a standoff with deputies, was arrested shortly before noon Friday.

Analysts believe the current standoff could accelerate momentum towards the formation of regional trade blocs.

At least six people – five women and an 18-month-old child – died during the standoff.

At various points during the standoff, Chiegbu dangled his daughter by one arm off his balcony, charging papers say.

At worst, memories of an Oka-style standoff serve as a warning.

Budimlic was the only officer to enter the residence, which led to the standoff with Smith.

But now its cobble stones have been ripped out by demonstrators to use as weapons in their standoff with police.

Cincinnati police were involved in a standoff at the McDonald’s on Warsaw Avenue in East Price Hill Monday night.

Crockwell was involved in a week-long standoff with RCMP officers in Bay Bulls in 2010.

During a final standoff, Jack kills Henderson as well.

Greeks vote Sunday on whether to accept demands that creditors were proposing to resolve a debt standoff.

Han Myung-Gon and the Japanese military standoff.

Haskell was arrested a few hours later after a police standoff and now is facing multiple charges of capital murder.

Haskell was arrested after a standoff with authorities that lasted more than three hours.

He added the suspected shooter was in a standoff with police.

He said he is open to “dialogue” to settle the standoff, but only by strictly legal means.

He spoke with reporters in Montgomery on Friday as the one-year anniversary of the standoff approaches.

Hide / Show comments “Feds booed in California after migrant standoff” Gee.

Hostage situation at Paris grocery 16 photos People are led away by police from an area near the standoff.

However, if the standoff endures, it means that the TFA cannot enter into force as a multilateral agreement.

I’m not going to surrender, Vivas yelled to a cheering crowd supporters during his standoff.

It was going to be a standoff of epic proportions.

It was unclear if the standoff over the patients stemmed from a clerical error or a change in Palestinian policy.

It’s a standoff, with each side ready for war and sure of its own virtue, speaking to its own troops.

Johnson fatally shot herself late Friday after a four-hour standoff with law enforcement officers.

Later on January 9, the Kouachi brothers are shot and killed in a standoff with police in Dammartin-en-Goele, France.

Man surrenders after apartment standoff that delayed flights Gunshots on the 2400 block of Brant Street in San Diego.

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) — Police say the standoff that occurred Wednesday afternoon ended with three arrests.

Naval standoff on the Black Sea The Russian Navy continues to block the Ukrainian Navy from leaving Sevastopol.

Negotiations ran almost to the payment deadline but failed to find a resolution to the standoff.

No arrests have been made in the standoff, but authorities are considering charges against the aunt, Carter said.

No clear leader or agenda has emerged from the obscure group of pro-Donetsk autonomy activists behind the standoff.

Not first standoff for historic ranch Kroenke’s historic ranch is no stranger to standoffs.

Officers set up around the area and a 20 minute standoff ensued.

One person is killed and another injured in a standoff early Sunday morning with a SWAT team, New Orleans police say.

Peck deemed the sons engaging in an armed standoff with a SWAT team.

Police forces march toward protesters during a standoff in Hong Kong Tuesday.

Police officers from as far away as Hawkesbury, Ont., about 250 kilometres away, responded to the standoff.

READ MORE Raki Goes Underground The standoff in Iraq isn’t between a single militant group and the government.

READ MORE The Real Arizona Isn’t Anti-Gay This standoff does have a history.

Roads were blocked off in the neighborhood amid the standoff, and surrounding homes were evacuated as a precaution.

So there’s now a standoff on the eve of the biggest shopping day for U.S. consumers: Washington state vs Aliexpress.

SWAT teams arrested her husband, Daniel Diego Perez, after a standoff on a California highway earlier Thursday.

That GOP standoff over defunding the Democrats’ health care law cost the nation an estimated $24 billion.

The 78-day standoff began in earnest when Cpl.

The Cold War was a global standoff between superpowers.

The county is trying to end the long, perfectly legal standoff, which George expects to lose.

The Donetsk mayor’s website didn’t specify how many of the 40 killed in the airport standoff were separatists.

The exercise appeared to be more sabre-rattling by Pyongyang, rather than the start of a military standoff.

The move aims to strengthen a special spearhead unit created as reaction to the current standoff with Moscow.

The only suitable choice is to end the political crisis, to end the standoff,” Rainsy told reporters.

The seeds were sprung from confinement after federal drug officials approved a permit Thursday, ending the standoff.

The standoff began Tuesday afternoon when police in Harvey responded to a report of a possible home burglary.

The standoff ended when a loud bang was heard from the cafe and five people ran out.

The standoff ends with the Soviet Union withdrawing the missiles and the U.S. promising not to invade Cuba.

The standoff has revived concerns of a return to Cold War relations.

The standoff lasted about 12 hours this weekend.

The standoff led to major protests by judges and other activists- and threats of partial court strikes.

The standoff led to major protests by judges and other activists-and threats of partial court strikes.

The standoff wreaked havoc with transit for residents attempting to reach their homes Tuesday.

The standoff, just east of the square, was captured by newspaper photographers and TV news crews.

The suspect involved in the standoff was arrested early Tuesday morning and faces attempted murder charges.

The two Koreas have been in a near-constant standoff since an armistice ended the Korean War.

This weekend was meant to be the moment the world ended the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Two hostages were killed during the standoff.

VIDEO: Woman arrested after SWAT standoff The incident happened at 116 Dodge Ave. in Jefferson.

Vladimir Putin is seeking China’s support in Russia’s standoff with Western powers over Ukraine.

You would think these events would result in the same result that the Greek standoff with creditors has?

About 45 minutes into the standoff a young hostage and employee of the restaurant locked himself in the frozen food locker.

After a standoff between the Zakarov organization and Golden Kane, Yung agrees and leaves with Teko.

After a tense and somewhat violent standoff, the governor sent in the state militia to protect the miners.

After an intense standoff outside Lincoln, the posse retreated, and the brothers escaped.

After the standoff he is hailed as a hero and feels that he has a “new lease on life”.

After what police say was a three hour standoff, the wanted suspect voluntarily surrendered.

Call the distance from that surface to the middle of the hinge barrel or the pintle pin the standoff.